Why People Management is Replacing Talent Management

I just ran across an article (http://joshbersin.com/2015/01/why-people-management-is-replacing-talent-management/) Josh Bersin wrote back in January on the dramatic shift happening in today’s organizations, away from talent management towards what he calls people management.

AC01-784Organizations are shifting from a process and systems focus to more of a focus on culture, engagement, and leadership as depicted in the graphic on the right.

The key differentiator is that we no longer can look at talent as an offering. Professional athletes may sell their talent to organizations, but employees volunteer their effort to organizations. And if they don’t like what they get in return – satisfaction through contribution, making a difference, compensation (more than $$), etc. – they go and volunteer their effort somewhere else.

When you see employees as consumers, suggests Bersin, you treat them not as talent, but as … well, people. Individuals with individual needs and motivations.

AC01-784How we as organizational leaders must likewise reflect this new perception as illustrated in the graphic to the right.

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September 2015

Author: STEP Consulting