Why Do We Do What We Do?

Over the past few days we’ve received very rewarding praise from our clients at CA Technologies and KONE; it’s not unusual, but it’s always gratifying. Which made me reflect…

  • Why do we work so hard to make sure senior sponsors buy in and support the initiative?
  • Why do we listen so closely and intently to our client’s needs?
  • Why do we ensure that the language/nuance of the client’s culture is represented in the content?
  • Why do we subject our material to yet another review knowing that there will be yet more changes?
  • Why do we revise the material again (and again, and…) to make sure it looks just right?
  • Why do we sweat the details?
  • Why do we readjust our schedules and our lives to be there when our clients need us?
  • Why do we subject ourselves to brutal travel schedules and to be away from our families?
  • Why do we lie awake in the hotel worrying about how it’ll go tomorrow?

Here’s why:
These are 27 of tens of thousands of leaders whose lives we’ve touched, whose skills we’ve improved, and who will have a significant and positive impact on those they work with.  Because of US!  Each leader touches hundreds of people throughout their lives.  And we help them touch more deliberately, more consciously, more effectively.  Everything we do is to make them more effective leaders.  And through them, more effective organizations that unleash the potential in their employees!

We have the best jobs in the world!!!


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September 2015

Author: STEP Consulting