Two Tracks – Not One – Ensures Sustained Leadership Development

Leadership training often is seen as an event rather than a behavior-changing strategy. Entelechy’s two-track leadership program ensures that Unleash Your Leadership Potential is different.

Merrimack, NH August 7, 2013

Launched just six months ago, Entelechy’s management/leadership development program, Unleash Your Leadership Potential, has hit the street with a vengeance. Already thousands of leaders – from supervisors through senior directors – have found the models, exercises, and activities as life-changing. “It’s changed the way I work with people,” says one graduate.

But Unleash Your Leadership Potential (ULP) is not simply an event. “We designed ULP to ensure lasting change,” explains Entelechy’s president, Terence Traut. “The content is good – award-winning good [ULP garnered CLO Magazine’s Merit Award for Content], and the models are simple and extremely effective. But what makes ULP a game-changer, a strategic investment, is …

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Author: STEP Consulting