September 2016 Newsletter


It’s back-to-school time. Autumn is such a wonderful season. Some look upon it as the glorious ending of summer, when leaves turn spectacularly colorful and the morning air develops an invigorating nip. In addition to the natural rhythms, we see school buses making their rounds and campuses filling with students. It’s a time when we put away the magazines, beach towels, and summer reads and get back to learning.

In keeping with the season, I like to think of autumn as a time to stock up on the knowledge that will benefit future professional development efforts.

How do we determine where it might be beneficial to focus next? 

Try taking our Leadership Self-Assessment.  You’ll see your strengths, for sure.  And opportunities for improvement will be revealed.

For leaders to be effective, they need to possess ALL the skills that are required to manage and lead.  You can’t be an effective manager if, for example, you are inspirational (a strength) but ignore poor performance (an area for development).

The work that we do with our clients is based on our belief that employees are most engaged when they are supported in developing new strengths.

What new strength will you develop next?



georgeEntelechy’s mission is to help businesses grow, and we apply the same lessons we convey to clients to ourselves. That’s why we’re growing and in demand. To accelerate that growth, we’ve invited George Brewster to join us as a key member of the E-TEAM.

Says our new VP of Client Relations, “I am thrilled to be joining Entelechy to support their desire to empower more leaders to unlock their potential!  Given the pace of change and evolving workforce, leadership is more important than ever.”

Entelechy CEO Terry Traut adds, “We’re really excited to have George Brewster join our team to help us expand the reach and awareness of our offerings. George brings years of experience working with large and small companies to generate business results by investing in and developing leaders. His passion for helping others succeed fits in perfectly with our culture and how we have successfully partnered with our clients over the past 24 years.”

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Marty Wilcox, Production & Quality Control Manager

martyIt may seem a bit unusual to start an employee profile with an announcement about the company, but stay with us. Entelechy has once again been named a finalist in the Chief Learning Officer® Learning in Practice Awards. It’s an honor we also received in 2012 and 2015. (Last year we took the Bronze.)

The reason we mention winning the awards is because it simply wouldn’t be possible without the talent, enthusiasm and dedication of Marty Wilcox. Marty is one of those people who seemingly always knows the shortest distance between two points. Her ability to organize systems (and the people who make up those systems) is simply phenomenal. She attributes her success to an innate desire for efficiency and proper organization. She meticulously monitors and modifies our messages to ensure the information we convey is accurate, timely and best serves the interests of our clients. She’s an MPV.

We invite you connect with Marty on LinkedIn.

Note: Entelechy’s marketing director, Lenora Edwards, will be attending the award ceremony in Scottsdale on September 27th to accept our gold, silver or bronze award. (We’ll find out which that night!)


terryheadshot_8x10This month, we had to ask Terry, “Where are you?!” because his Entelechy evangelism is taking him out of the country:

Terry is taking ULP on the road, and that road goes around the world. On October 20th, he will be a keynote speaker for a Leadership Development session at the Learning and Development League Annual Conference in Gurgaon, India.

Just prior to his engagement in India, Terry will join the N2N 2016 conference in Amsterdam for a meeting of the minds with peer-leaders from around the world.


Author: STEP Consulting