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May 2016 Newsletter


Spring: A time of celebration and preparation

iStock_000084824191_SmallMay is a challenge for a lot of us. The jolt of conviction and commitment that started the year seems to have lost some of its voltage. Your computer monitor, which not too long ago you promised yourself would never display anything but work-related projects, mysteriously keeps popping up with websites showing summer vacation ideas. Getting coffee today turned into a 20-minute chat with Wendy in Accounting. Gosh, the weather is wonderful today – who’s going to notice if I take a little extra time for lunch?

My advice? Give yourself a break. Life is not just to be endured, but enjoyed. Spring is a glorious time, and it’s bustin’ out all over. Smell the flowers. Drink in the proof of renewal that’s all around you.

And then…take inspiration from the season. It’s a time of flowering, but also of planting. Now’s the time to take aspirational ideas you have for future growth and get them started. Prepare for the maintenance that you know will be necessary to sustain and nourish your ambitions.

It’s easier to smile this time of year. Use that optimism and energy and you’ll reap a rich harvest later on.



EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Marsha Guptill, Performance Consultant

Marsha2Marsha is one of those extremely fortunate individuals who has found a job that rewards her for doing what she loves. In Marsha’s case, that’s helping Entelechy clients determine whether training can offer an effective solution to their growth challenges, and – if the answer is yes – designing, developing, and delivering a customized training program that best meets their needs.

Marsha delights in the shared excitement when clients recognize and embrace the meaning and power of leadership enlightenment.

Says Marsha, “While my background is in instructional design, instructor-led training, eLearning design and virtual instructor-led training design, and facilitation, I count among my superpowers the ability to connect with the audience to help them engage in the learning process. That connection is in my mind while I am designing training regardless of the delivery method.”

Connect with Marsha on LinkedIn.




Entelechy’s influence continues to grow, this time in India. We were pleased to have Terry’s article, “Why I Don’t Need Leadership Development,” included in IUP‘s recent “Effective Executive” publication.

As we head toward the end of the second quarter, we know everyone’s resolve about pushing a leadership initiative (or any big initiative, for that matter) might be getting a little wilted. So, this will help stave off the excuses and move everyone forward on the same page. If this applies to you, or it’s what you’re hearing, this article will help:

The Top 10 Reasons Why I Don’t Need Leadership Development!

  1. I don’t need leadership development, because…that’s why I got promoted.
  2. I went to a leadership development class a number of years ago so…I already have the leadership skills I need.
  3. I’m too busy fighting fires…I don’t have time to take a leadership development class.
  4. Good people don’t need to be led…so I don’t need leadership development.
  5. If I do leadership development…what will my people think?
  6. Leadership training isn’t real-life…the things we cover don’t apply to me.
  7. Leadership development is…too expensive.
  8. Leadership development is an HR-initiated, touchy-feely, kumbaya kind of activity…I’m about results.
  9. I have extensive experience and limited time…so just give me the CliffsNotes version.

You’ll find the article here.


DEAR TERRY: Answers from our CEO

Terry: Q_A_ResizedIn this issue we deviate from our Q&A format slightly. This time I asked our facilitators what THEY got from teaching the program. Our trainers are carefully selected, extremely talented facilitators who represent the very top of the leadership development industry. We asked them what motivates them to deliver class after class to clients throughout the world. Here’s a response from Bill.

Bill: “Unleash Your Leadership Potential (ULP) fits anywhere, anyplace and anytime! What a pleasure to meet and work with so many fine professionals and leaders. Talk about being open to learning and embracing the materials! At a recent session, we had leaders who were in their role for 3-4 months and some for 30+ years! Several were promoted from within their department and now are making the transition to leading former peers, which can lead to various challenges and opportunities.

Regardless of the demographics or type of business, the models just flat-out work! Why? Because as I usually say at the end of every training session on Day Two, “I KIND OF know the technical business you’re in; what I ABSOLUTELY know is that the real business you’re in is the PEOPLE business.” They always nod or react affirmatively every time I close with that little nugget. Getting results through other human beings isn’t easy and they realize how every tool in ULP will help them navigate through just about any situation they face in their leadership journey.

I love preparing every group and challenging myself to learn more about their business so I can better relate to them and better convey how ULP will help them in developing individual potential and achieving optimal results through others!”


Author: STEP Consulting