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Letter from the Editor September 2014

headerimage01Where do I get the spark to write these newsletters? Most of the time my juices are sparked with an incident that occurred with a client or a story I read. This newsletter was fueled by the story of Jen Bricker, high school tumbling state champion and sports star … who was born without legs.

Jen Bricker, whose motivation for tumbling came from watching her hero, Dominique Maceanu, the youngest of the Magnificent Seven women gymnasts in the 1996 Atlantic Olympics. Jen Bricker, who was given up for adoption at birth by …. Well, you’ll just have to read Set Expectations and Remove the Barriers: Unleash Performance to believe it. You too will be inspired!

Jen’s story took me back to 1992 when I founded Entelechy. Entelechy is Greek for “the realization of potential;” I selected the name because, as a trainer, I felt that much of the stuff we teach already exists in people. Okay, maybe we can impart a cool model or neat technique that helps leaders lead or sales professionals sell or customer service folks service customers. However, to truly realize potential, the guts of the performance – the willingness, the enthusiasm, the passion, the confidence – needs to be unleashed. THAT’S what Entelechy has attempted to do since our inception 22 years ago – design and develop training that unlocked and unleashed the performance of people.

Few people are like Jen Bricker. We tend to see reasons why something won’t or can’t work. We often rely on old patterns of behavior when confronted with new situations and new challenges.

As a trainer my whole life, I long ago realized that if you want people to perform differently – better – training (new skills and knowledge) is only part of the answer. People need to believe that what they’re about to do will be better, feel better, have better results, than what they’re currently doing. People need to believe in themselves – that THEY can do it, that THEY can succeed. People need to believe that they will be supported in their efforts, especially as they try out their new skills.

As I watched the video of Jen Bricker, my heart went out to Jen but my soul was touched by Sharon and Gerald Bricker, Jen’s adoptive parents, who helped infuse Jen with confidence, who helped establish can-do expectations, who helped guide and support Jen, and who – through their actions – helped Jen realize her potential.

Thank you, Jen. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Bricker.


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September 2014

Author: STEP Consulting