Letter from the Editor May 2014

headerimage01Whew! What a crazy month! Fun crazy! We’ve been on the road at the Training 2014 conference in San Diego, the International ISPI conference in Indianapolis, and the 2014 ASTD conference in Washington DC. Welcome all the new subscribers AND welcome to Unleash Your Leadership Potential newsletter. What makes this newsletter – and Entelechy – unique is that we are here for one purpose and one purpose only: to make you successful in your role as leadership development director, training and development VP, instructional designer, and HR director.

If you’re reading more, it’s because you’re likely a new friend and reader. Welcome! In this newsletter we share tips and techniques for increasing the effectiveness of your leadership, sales, and customer service training. We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations since 1992 as their go-to “private label” training organization. When you’ve created – for example – over 100 leadership/management development programs for clients, each unique with unique goals and challenges, you get pretty good at it. We’ll share those tips with you.

Why do we do it? Simple! We suspect that if you like THESE ideas, you’ll LOVE working with us on YOUR ORGANIZATION’S customized training. Let us create for you!


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May 2014

Author: STEP Consulting