Letter from the Editor April 2014

headerimage01Welcome to our new, clean look and feel. We’ve shortened the articles and have increased the number of them so you have more information at your fingertips to help you increase the effectiveness of your leaders, and leadership and management development. We’ll continue providing tips to increase the effectiveness of your training – ANY training – and will include articles on sales, customer service, and other parts of your business.

For those of you who like to hear from my inner self, I’ll continue sharing my thoughts.

Several years ago, one of our clients was struggling to get traction with their leadership program; the initial response from executives was mild interest. To get at the root of the problem, we conducted focus groups to gain insights and buy-in with executives. While we obtained wonderful insights, a disturbing trend seemed to take shape – many of the executives indicated that they wished THEY knew what was expected of THEM!

In reviewing the findings with the CEO the following week, I brought up the comments that related to leadership expectations. The CEO stated, “Yeah, I like to keep things vague and see who takes hold. The work’s there; let’s see who can figure it out and take the initiative.”

There’s a term for that style of leadership – bowling in the dark. You KNOW the pins – your goal – are there somewhere, but you don’t know where to aim and once you launch the ball, you’re not quite sure how successful you were.

Leadership begins at the top. The top-level executive needs to clarify expectations of her team – “this is how I expect everyone to lead around here.” This story has a happy ending. The leadership program we customized for the client became her set of leadership expectations; she required all of her executives to attend the training first and she co-presented some of the more strategic topics! As a result, not only was the program successful for front- and mid-level leaders, but the executive team were able to lead with greater clarity and conviction since they were in line with the CEO’s expectations.


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April 2014

Author: STEP Consulting