July 2016 Newsletter


I’m constantly amazed at the enormous power of social media. Tweets, hashtags, “likes,” and chats…people around the world now have an absolutely unprecedented medium that allows them a voice. I marvel at how technology is bringing people together.

Here at Entelechy, we use social media to bring together like-minded individuals from a vastly diverse range of businesses to learn, compare, and discover. Social media lets us meet virtually, stay informed, network, and find out “the latest.”

To make those benefits even more accessible, we’ve added social media icons (for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter) to our website unleashyourleadership.com. Just a click brings you instantly into the Entelechy network, where you’ll find a wealth of resources and – most important – people who are eager to engage others in learning more about building leadership skills.

Making it easier for our friends to get together,



If you’re reading this, you’re likely one of those people who strive to create a job you love – one that makes you believe you’re making a valuable contribution while adding meaning and a mission to your life.

Reading is an essential part of that process. And while most people think of summer reads as saucy paperbacks they pick up at the supermarket on the way to the beach, you’re not most people. To you, reading to learn and improve yourself is reading for pleasure.

And you can certainly do that at the beach.

These books are enjoyable and they will teach and inspire ways of thought that you’ll find extremely rewarding, both on a personal level and in business.

The Boys in the Boat, by Daniel James Brown. Tells the extraordinary story of the University of Washington’s rowing crew, their struggle to make the 1936 Olympic team and the drama that leads to a gold medal while Hitler looks on.

Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, by Adam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg. “Lean in” to a best seller that celebrates the power of original thinking, backing the position with credible and powerful data.

Team of Rivals, by Doris Kearns Goodwin. A riveting story that makes one of America’s greatest leaders come to life. You join Lincoln in the Washington telegraph office as he gets news from the front. You see him suffer as he strives to release others from suffering, while asking the nation to pay a terrible price.

Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t, by Simon Sinek. The title alone gives you an idea of how clearly and convincingly Mr. Sinek makes a case for building trust and cooperation from the top down.

Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers and Challengers, by Alexander Osterwalder. A great book for “visual processors” due to its engaging graphic design that compellingly shows you strategies for bringing your business (and yourself) success in today’s super-fast-changing marketplace.


EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Sharon Fernandez, Performance Consultant

Sharon is one of those professionals with the all-too-rare ability to really listen – to recognize that lasting change comes from within the individual and that collaboration consistently delivers faster, superior results.

A corporate financial training manager for many years, Sharon came to Entelechy in 2007 and immediately established herself as an innovative solution provider, versatile and organized project manager, and exceptional instructional designer. She brings tireless dedication and a “big picture” perspective to her work.

In other words, she is a perfect fit!

You’re welcome to connect with Sharon on LinkedIn.

DEAR TERRY: Answers from our CEO

Q_A_ResizedThis month we offer comments from our CEO rather than our traditional Q&A.

Terry: It seems everyone who has downloaded our PDF of the Leadership Effectiveness Assessment (LEA) has found it enlightening and something that provides genuine value to an organization. In fact, we know of only two ways to make the LEA even better. And the great thing is, both ways are available at the same price: free!

Choose one of these options:

  1. Online Leadership Effectiveness Assessment. This lets you see how your assessment compares with hundreds of others who have completed the survey.
  2. Company-Wide Leadership Assessment. This one invites you to evaluate the effectiveness of your leadership – either company-wide or department-wide. This is the best option for those who want an honest evaluation – a realistic starting point for moving forward.

To take advantage of this entirely free service, choose one of the options above or click here.

Author: STEP Consulting