January 2016 Newsletter

Letter from the Editor

Fireworks2The beginning of a new year, of course, is a time of resolutions. Most often these are promises to ourselves to change our ways and become the people we would prefer to be. We’re all familiar with the short list: lose weight, stop procrastinating, be bolder in our business affairs, (fill the in the blank).

But the fact is, the New Year can begin any time. There’s nothing really special about when the calendar comes back around to January.

Leadership, applied toward others and to ourselves, is an opportunity that presents itself each and every day. By taking each day as it comes, as a fresh slate on which to write our intentions and achieve our goals, better enables us to take the small steps that are necessary to completing the journey of success.

So…Happy New Year, and may each day of 2016 reveal itself as a chance to achieve your full potential.


ULP Speaks the Language of Leadership across the World

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Many Entelechy clients are surprised to find out that Unleash Your Leadership Potential (ULP) has been delivered on six of the seven continents and in virtually every developed country across the globe. Most of Entelechy’s clients are global and have seen the skills that ULP addresses – connecting and communicating with employees, coaching, providing feedback, analyzing performance, recognizing and motivating employees, and delegating effectively – are skills that leaders need regardless of culture or country.

Because of Entelechy’s unique approach to leadership development, our clients are supported and encouraged to modify the program. They are able to extend the program beyond borders, throughout their global organizations.

Additionally, with ULP’s expansion into China, ULP is enjoying an explosive entry into the Chinese leadership community. Our partner, First Priority Consulting, has translated all of the materials into Simplified Chinese, and is seeing the same overwhelmingly positive response to the program’s models and learning activities – things that U.S.-based organizations have enjoyed for years.

But Simplified Chinese isn’t ULP’s only language. Client-owned versions of ULP have been translated into Spanish for delivery in Mexico and French for delivery in Canada. In many of these instances, Entelechy is there for our clients providing delivery in English, or in the language native to the participants. From London to Shanghai, Bangalore to Sau Paulo, Quebec to Milan, Entelechy is there to support our clients in the development of their leadership capability.

Leadership is key in today’s global economy. And the skills leaders learn in ULP are foundational and critical elements to global leadership success.

Dear Terry – I Field Your Questions

20150316_I_Field_Your_QuesTom from Los Angeles: I feel like I got this leadership thing down when I took a course a while back. What else is there to learn?

TerryEven if you did take a leadership course a number of years ago, we fall out of good habits. Think about your last diet. Started well, didn’t it? You may have even lost a ton – well, maybe not a ton, but you know what I mean. But if you’re like most dieters, you started slipping, and probably didn’t notice it until one day you checked the label on your ‘fat jeans’ to make sure you had the pair that hung on you just a month ago. Now you can barely wiggle into them.

Leadership development is like that. We go to training, we learn some nifty techniques that we diligently apply back on the job. We see positive impact and all is good … until we get behind on a few projects. The quarterly reports are due, and the stress mounts. We fall back on old habits and soon we’re doing what we’ve always done, and getting what we always got.

In turning our leadership skills into leadership habits, we need support, and ongoing leadership development is our support.

If you’re in charge of leadership development, consider the following suggestions:

  1. Make sure leadership training is current. Don’t rehash the same old stuff. Make the training worthwhile. Focus on today’s leadership challenges in your organization. What is your organization’s current business challenge? Is it working more efficiently? Engaging and retaining high potential employees? Reducing waste and improving quality? Just as leaders need a refresher from time to time, so too do your leadership development strategies and programs.
  2. Look beyond the traditional event-based leadership development and make leadership development a process. Launching a new product? Build in a leadership component on sales strategy and customer high value needs. Reorganizing departments? Build in a leadership component on facilitating change. Reporting quarterly earnings? Include a leadership component on communicating vision. Having a company picnic? Include a leadership component on employee recognition. Capitalize on any opportunity to engage leaders in learning. Any time is a good time to develop leaders!

Portions of this response are taken from a chapter Terry contributed to his colleague Larry Israelite’s book, More Lies About Learning, available here on Amazon.

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ULP Expands Its Worldwide Influence to China

Unleash Your Leadership Potential (ULP), Entelechy’s renowned customizable leadership development program is now available in China through Entelechy’s preferred provider, First Priority Consulting.

ULP has become the cornerstone leadership development program for many U.S.-based organizations, training tens of thousands of leaders across the globe in key leadership and management First_Priority_Logo_2015skills. ULP trains leaders to build productive, meaningful relationships with employees, to lead effectively, and to develop talent and bench strength through deliberate performance management and coaching.

First Priority Consulting (FPC), one of the most widely recognized well-established management training companies in China, has been chosen as the sole provider of ULP in China. FPC provides over 4000 days of training workshops every year and serves over 500 companies in Mainland China and Hong Kong. With ULP, First Priority Consulting now has a comprehensive leadership and management development program to offer organizations throughout the region.

Best-in-class training programs form the foundation for FPC’s success and it was this focus that lead FPC to select ULP, Entelechy’s award-winning management and leadership development program. “We searched hard for a leadership development program that met – or exceeded the high expectations of our clients,” states Jeremy Zhuli, FPC’s CEO. “Not only are the models simple and effective, the content is absolutely brilliant.”

Entelechy selected FPC because of the exceptional quality of its facilitators. “ULP is a robust leadership program that requires talented and experienced facilitators to effectively deliver the content,” explains Terence Traut, Entelechy’s President. “Additionally,” continues Traut, “the integrity of the organization is paramount, and there are many companies who don’t share the same level of integrity as FPC.”

Both Traut and Zhuli agree that the timing is perfect for ULP in the China market. “Managers throughout China are searching for a powerful, leading-edge management/leadership development program. And ULP is the course for them,” says Zhuli.

Traut also points out that, “Additionally, Entelechy has authorized FPC to work directly with their larger clients to bring the ULP program into their organizations, to customize the program to meet their specific needs, and to license the customized program to those clients.”

For more detail on ULP and First Priority Consulting, visit First Priority’s website. For more information on ULP, visit Entelechy’s ULP website.

Author: STEP Consulting