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I Don’t Need Leadership Development January 2015

In the last issue and over the next few issues of this newsletter, I’ll explore some of the common excuses leaders use to avoid going to leadership training. And I’ll share what we can do about the excuse.

Excuse #9: “I am a senior leader with extensive experience and limited time…so just give me the CliffNotes version.” 

20141117_Excuses7A Closer Look

It’s important that senior leaders – the ones whose people are going through the core leadership development program – are able to model and reinforce the skills and models their people learn in the core leadership program. However, many senior leaders believe that they can “name that tune in three notes” – and pick up the gist of the leadership concepts with merely an overview. And, frankly, some can. However, KNOWING isn’t the same as BEING ABLE TO DO.

How do YOU Respond?

These senior leaders need to hear, “Face it, if you WERE currently modeling the coaching, feedback, communication, and performance management skills covered in the leadership program, don’t you think YOUR PEOPLE would also be modeling those skills? If THEY can benefit from leadership development, chances are that YOU could benefit from the training – in an in-depth fashion – as well.”

Next Steps

  1. First, make sure your leadership development program has an executive reinforcement track. (Check out the Executive Reinforcement Track in Unleash Your Leadership Potential at And, if you’re initiating a new leadership development program, make sure the senior leaders go through the executive reinforcement track before their staff attends the core leadership track.
  2. Don’t short shrift this executive reinforcement track. Build in the same activities that you have in the regular track. Have senior leaders do the role-plays, practice the models, and receive the feedback just as their staff will – for the same reason: they NEED it! These senior leaders must be able to accurately model the behavior they are expecting of their managers and supervisors.
  3. Focus the executive reinforcement track on, “how can I help my people implement these skills with THEIR employees?” (The core track focuses on, “how can I use these skills with my employees?”) Have senior leaders reflect on and document their plans: WHAT specifically will they do, with WHOM, and WHEN?

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January 2015

Author: STEP Consulting