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Entelechy’s Leadership Development Program Draws High Praise

Unleash Your Leadership Potential, Entelechy’s new leadership program, draws high praise from attendees. Based on over 20 years of creating leadership and management programs for scores of organizations enhancing the skills of thousands of managers, the “new” program leverages past successes.

Merrimack, NH May 8, 2013

Having launched its leadership training program for managers and supervisors a mere two months ago, Entelechy’s Unleash Your Leadership Potential (ULP) program is garnering high praise from attendees:

  • This training was by far the best training and development course focused on coaching that I have ever attended. 
  • The knowledge gained from this training has been transformational ….
  • …we will see a tremendous return on our investment in this training in overall delivery of results.
  • The models are simple to implement and consistently execute on a daily basis.
  • I was very impressed with this workshop!  I found the teaching methods highly engaging and was able to pull a ton from the topics.
  • The quality of this training far exceeded my expectations.  The content of the training is relevant to every facet of the job we do each day.   The level of detail contained

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Author: STEP Consulting