Entelechy to Speak at ISPI Performance Improvement Conference

Terence Traut, president of Entelechy – creators of Unleash Your Leadership Potential, will be speaking on Coaching for Talent Development and Employee Engagement and Leadership Training that Sticks at ISPI’s Performance Improvement Conference in San Antonio.

Merrimack, NH, March 27, 2015

Entelechy will again be speaking at ISPI’s Performance Improvement Conference, April 27-28, 2015 in San Antonio, TX.

On Monday, April 27, Terence Traut, president of Entelechy, will be speaking on Coaching for Talent Development and Employee Engagement. “Coaching is a key leadership and management skill, yet it’s often overlooked, underutilized, or misused. We’ve created a simple, effective coaching model that I want every leader and manager to be able to use. We’ve made coaching an integral part of Unleash Your Leadership Potential and have had graduates tell us how the model has changed their lives.”

On Tuesday, April 28, Terence will be speaking on Making Your Leadership Training Stick.  Leveraging 23 years of experience in the field of leadership development, Terence will share 21 lessons that participants will find valuable as they consider the “stickiness” of their own leadership and management development programs.

A featured “private label” provider of leadership development programs since 1992, Entelechy has been the go-to company when organizations are looking to create their own coaching and leadership development programs, programs that reflect their goals and address their unique challenges and that stick.

In 2013, Entelechy launched Unleash Your Leadership Potential, a fully client-customizable program that is known for “sticking” – where skills learned in the training transfer to the job and are used and organizational goals are achieved.

The VP of Global Learning & Quality at a 70,000 employee organization agrees on the achievements resulting from their version of Unleash Your Leadership Potential: “The initial return on our commitment to developing our leaders’ coaching skills is remarkable. In our pilot site, our performance six weeks following the initial implementation saw them move from the bottom quartile among our competitors to the #1 site, and they have maintained top quartile performance ever since. They have also seen their performance metrics reach all green status, a key indicator of sustained performance.”

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Author: STEP Consulting