Entelechy Speaks to Dr. Jay Conger about Leadership Development

By Terence Traut, Entelechy, Inc.

Dr. Jay Conger
Dr. Jay Conger
“At senior levels of an organization, the ability to adapt, to make decisions quickly in situations of high uncertainty, and to steer through wrenching change is critical. But at a time when the need for superior talent is increasing, big U.S. companies are finding it difficult to attract and retain good people. Executives and experts point to a severe and worsening shortage of the people needed to run divisions and manage critical functions, let alone lead companies. Everyone knows organizations where key jobs go begging, business objectives languish, and compensation packages skyrocket.” Elizabeth Chambers etal, McKinsey & Company, The War for Talent

In a recent interview, Dr. Jay Conger states, “Business organizations are not designed to be great training grounds for leadership development. They are great training grounds for execution of an existing business model and, if [the business model is] right, all you need are managers. The problem is that every few years that business model comes under attack and, when it does, you need leaders. Now the problem is that you haven’t been developing them, so you get blown out of the water.” (“Why Chief Executives Fail,” May 2003, Management Today)

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