Effective Feedback

By Terence Traut, Entelechy, Inc.

CAIR_vertFeedback is the breakfast of champions!

Effective feedback is like the GPS on your employee’s performance journey. You provide ongoing information — both positive and constructive — to help your employee.

Wouldn’t it be great if employees had their own internal performance GPS that would let them know immediately when they missed a turn on the road to achieving their goals? Here’s current performance and there’s desired performance. On track…on track… oops, recalculating!

It’s a great idea, but the reality is our employees don’t always keep on track on their own. FEEDBACK is our employee’s performance GPS and it’s up to us to provide it — and provide it in a way that actually results in change.

Did you know that most employees — when asked — cited lack of direction and unclear expectations as the primary reason they couldn’t perform?

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Author: STEP Consulting

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