Dear Terry – I Field Your Questions September 2015

headerimage01Nathan from Midland: Terry, thanks for the trainer training last week. It was very useful and confidence-building. I noticed that you had three of your own trainers in the Train-The-Trainer. Do you support clients as they roll out their version of your ULP program? Nathan

Terry: Absolutely! In fact, we strongly recommend that Entelechy co-facilitate with one of our client’s trainers for the best of both worlds – someone who knows the models and activities inside and out with someone who knows the organization inside and out.

Some clients prefer to do it themselves, which is why our robust facilitator guide is so important; even new instructors will be able to deliver the material effectively. Other clients simply don’t have the capacity to roll out their customized version of ULP in the timeframe desired; so they call on Entelechy to help support the delivery. In fact, one of our current clients is looking to Entelechy to deliver their version of ULP over 200 times over the next 18 months enabling them to reach their entire population of 3000 leaders across the U.S. Without Entelechy, this would have been impossible.

Entelechy can provide as much – or as little – support as each client needs.


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September 2015

Author: STEP Consulting