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Dear Terry – I Field Your Questions September 2014

Marissa from Boston: Terry, we implemented Entelechy’s coaching model several years ago and it’s changed our culture (not to mention our employee engagement!) How do you keep coaching fresh? (We’re in a customer service environment.) Thanks! Marissa

Terry: Marissa, as you’ve seen, coaching – when done appropriately – becomes so embedded in the organization that it becomes second nature. While that’s not a bad thing, when coaching becomes rote, it loses its effectiveness. Here are some ways our clients have kept coaching fresh in their organizations:

  1. Create quarterly coaching roundtables for coaches (team leads, supervisors, managers) to share what’s working and challenges.
  2. Create peer coach teams. Have peer coaches observe their partner coaching and then coach the coach.
  3. Invite coaches to share their biggest success stories. This can be done on a regular basis.
  4. Interview employees to see what THEY say about their coaches. Share success stories.
  5. Have coaches video record coaching sessions that they can share with other coaches.
  6. Combine #5 with a mini training session and you have an ongoing reinforcement program!
  7. Have a “Celebrate Coaches Day.” Go all in – buy t-shirts with “COACH” written on them; hand out whistles and clipboards; have coaches wear shorts and sneakers. Invite the Director to kick off the day with a huddle.
  8. You’re not in this alone! Invite/assign coaches to come up with one way to keep coaching fresh. Take turns leading the charge! Make it like a relay race; if you have the race baton, it’s YOUR turn to come up with something.

Marissa, I hope these ideas help spark your imagination! Keep up the great work!


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September 2014

Author: STEP Consulting