Dear Terry – I Field Your Questions (May 2014)

Daniel from Detriot: Terry, you talk a lot about the importance of teaching managers how to coach their people and I agree that every manager should be a coach. Yet, how do I get our managers to see the value of coaching?

Terry: Daniel, you gotta sell. Sell the benefits of coaching to these leaders in terms that are meaningful to THEM.

Face it, developing employees isn’t high on most managers’ minds. Coaching falls into the “important-but-not-urgent” quadrant, which, for most managers means “important and I’ll get to it when pigs fly.” So, we have to do three things simultaneously:

  1. Make sure the coaching model and training you provide is SIMPLE and ADAPTIBLE. Managers should be able to pick the technique and make it their own very easily.
  2. Explain the benefits of coaching employees. Coaching improves performance. Coaching increases loyalty and reduces turnover, coaching builds solid relationships with employees. Coaching makes you look like a leader. Each manager will have a different motivation for learning how to coach; find out what that motivation is and tap specifically into that area.
  3. Position the importance of coaching to the managers’ bosses. Have the managers’ bosses reset expectations. Then continue reminding the managers’ bosses to follow up regularly.

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May 2014

Author: STEP Consulting