Dear Terry – I Field Your Questions March 2015

headerimage01AliceTerry, I am a baby boomer and am feeling quite a bit of pressure to accommodate the needs of the millennial employees. I’ve heard that they are different in terms of their motivations and approach to work although the one I do have doesn’t seem all that different (other than being VERY young!). What should I be doing as his manager? Alice

Terry: Alice, great question and one with a relatively easy answer: do what you do with all your other employees:

  • Clarify expectations and link them to the team’s goals and organizational goals.
  • Provide the support – resources, tools, training, time – the employee needs to succeed.
  • Provide regular feedback – positive as well as constructive.
  • Understand what motivates him.
  • Connect with the employee. Get to know his interests and hobbies.
  • Coach and help him develop and grow.
  • Appreciate the differences.

There are some who play up the differences among generations. I feel that there are more commonalities than differences among generations. Granted, for many knowledge workers, the way we work is changing – with technology, flexibile work schedules, the blurring between work and not-work, etc. But we tend to want the same things at work: challenge, the opportunity to contribute, the belief that what I do matters, and that how I measure up is within my control. Focus on the commonalities and you’ll do just fine!


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March 2015

Author: STEP Consulting