Dear Terry, I Field Your Questions July 2015

headerimage01Jay from Long Island: It was a pleasure meeting you and Cate last week and the training was unforgettable.

Immediately upon my return I began working on an escalation that involved at least two managers and two engineers. They have been working the issue together. It looks like it will be a perfect opportunity to do some coaching. My question is this. Can I coach them as a group of four or should I coach each individually? This situation where more than one engineer works on an issue together is a common occurrence so your advice is much appreciated. Jay

Terry: It was a pleasure working with you as well!

Regarding multiples in coaching, there are usually two things at play – one is the process of HOW something should be done (think of this as the objective side of things) and the other is the WAY in which we should do it (think of this as the subjective side of things). Usually working with a couple people to figure out the objective side/process can be done in a multiple-person setting – I’d call it problem-solving. The subjective – how we work together, communicate, demonstrate respect, etc. – might be better in a single coaching session.

That said, I’m speaking purely in generalities and without completely understanding this situation. I can see where if a team of two is working on something, you could use the coaching model effectively to coach them on the skills/performance the two of them are jointly responsible for.


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July 2015

Author: STEP Consulting