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Dear Terry – I Field your Questions January 2015

Melanee from Tampa: Terry, as a new manager, I admit that I find it challenging, specifically around performance. I just don’t understand some people just don’t seem to get it! It’s frustrating and I know team morale suffers if I don’t do something, but what do I do? Melanee

Terry: Melanee, what you’re experiencing is normal for most new managers. Because we were great at doing the work, it’s mysterious why some employees aren’t performing as you want them to.

headerimage01In fact, it’s SUCH a common phenomenon that we created a mobile app to help you out. The Performance Checklist (PerfChecklist) app helps you identify WHY someone may not be performing as you’d like and provides suggestions for dealing with the performance.

And not only is PerfChecklist great for dealing with performance issues that come up, the suggestions are also great for PREVENTING issues from occurring. By following the Performance Checklist, the likelihood of performance issues dramatically diminishes.

Check the Unleash Your Leadership Potential website at for downloading instructions for both iPhone and Android devices.


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January 2015

Author: STEP Consulting