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Coaching in Customer Service

coachingWhistleCustomer service call centers have one of the highest turnover rates in the industry and whether you’re one or your company has one, coaching can go a long way to reducing turnover and developing critical skills.

Average attrition in call centers is 26%. If you have 100 people in your call center, 26 will leave this year. It will take about $5000 to hire a replacement and another $5000 to train that replacement. The reasons for such high attrition include:

  • The job is a stepping stone to higher-paying work.
  • New hires are not expected to stay long or succeed.
  • Poor performance leads to frustration, which leads to turnover.

Perhaps the three biggest losers in this scenario are 1) the manager, who spends all of her time juggling schedules and dealing with employee churn, 2) the customer, who is dealing with a new employee with limited skills and experience, and 3) the business, who loses existing customers faster than it loses employees!

Turn call center employee frustration into employee engagement. Use coaching as a way to simultaneously engage and develop the employee. Entelechy’s coaching model is PERFECT in a customer care/service environment! By asking questions rather than telling, you quickly identify what the employee knows – and doesn’t know. Importantly, by reviewing recorded calls and asking what went well and what might have you done differently, the employee grows that key customer service muscle – self-assessment.

Check out these examples of Entelechy clients who have successfully increased the capabilities of their customer service organization.

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April 2014

Author: STEP Consulting