Coaching: An Interview with Terence Traut

Terence Traut
Terence Traut
Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Terence Traut, President of Entelechy, Inc., a company that specializes in customized skills training programs for its clients. We talked to Terence about coaching, its importance in today’s workplace, and Entelechy’s approach to coaching.

Performance Today: What exactly IS coaching? How is it different than, say, mentoring or performance management?

Terence: Coaching is one tool to develop the skill and confidence of employees. Unlike training, which is typically one-to-many and in an artificial environment, coaching usually takes place on the job and one-to-one. Unlike counseling, which may include personal issues, coaching is focused on job performance. Unlike mentoring and career development, which are long-term, coaching is tactical and pragmatic. Unlike corrective action, which focuses on performance that falls below acceptable standards, coaching focuses on developing performance that is already acceptable or even good.

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