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April 2016 Newsletter

THE PERFCHECKLIST APP: You’ll stick with it

IMG_0356At Entelechy, you’ll hear us talk a lot about how we strive to have the principles of leadership “stick.” Indeed, it’s this permanence that we think distinguishes our program from all others. It was dedication to that principle that led us to develop the PerfChecklist (Performance Checklist) app for iOS and Android.

What a perfect match! I know hardly anyone who isn’t “stuck” to his or her smartphone. PerfChecklist puts the power of Unleash Your Leadership Potential (ULP) in the pocket of managers who want assistance analyzing and improving the performance of their employees, in accordance with proven ULP techniques.

A few taps link business goals with employee performance and behavior. If shortcomings are detected, the app looks at the employee’s capability and willingness to perform at the desired level. The manager is then presented with eight insightful questions, the answers to which will reveal specific suggestions for action, which can be instantly stored for future reference.

As is true with most apps, trying to describe PerfChecklist and its benefits isn’t nearly as effective as seeing it in action. We’ve prepared a quick video guiding you through the operation, but the best way to find out how much this app can help is by downloading it to your smartphone or iPad.

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Donna Iacopucci, EVP Client Relations

Donna_Headshot_LinkedIn002Entelechy’s client relations and account management are in the very warm, capable hands of Donna Iacopucci. Always making it her mission to understand the unique talent that drives client success, Donna is known for the way she values, appreciates, and respects the individual.

Donna is a strategic management consultant and training professional whose career is built on a solid business foundation of over 30 years of experience. She’s passionate about leadership development and has a proven history of designing, facilitating, and managing customized training programs year after year. Her infectious, positive energy, combined with keen advocacy of the customer, makes her uniquely capable of driving leadership excellence.

Her entrepreneurial spirit is integral to Entelechy’s success. As a senior leader in the organization, she collaborates with the CEO on program design, company direction, business strategy, and how changes to the corporate vision will be addressed in the day-to-day business.

“I’ve been deeply involved in training for decades, but I’ve ‘stuck’ with Entelechy for 18 years because it’s a company I truly believe in.” Donna

Please connect with Donna on LinkedIn.



Recently we came across an article that succinctly and clearly lists the qualities that we’ve consistently found in effective leaders with whom we’ve worked. We encourage you check it out for yourself, here.

To see if you are an effective leader, take the ULP Leadership Self-Assessment.

To see if your organization’s leadership is effective, download the ULP Leadership Effectiveness Assessment.

DEAR TERRY: Answers from our CEO

Gloria from Salt Lake City: Q_A_Resized My job has me training lots of young people – millennials. I’ve been at this a long time and think I’m good at my job, but I have to admit it seems more difficult to capture and keep the attention of many of these young men and women. I think they’re dedicated and sharp, but their attention spans seem short. Any suggestions on keeping them more attentive?

Terry: Try video. Millennials are more accustomed to getting information from the screens they carry with them everywhere. Besides, there’s nothing like seeing a skill in action. Even the earliest of instructional design theories point to the superiority of demonstration over explanation – seeing over reading or hearing. And recent research supports the power of video over print/lecture in the acquisition of skills.

When we first started creating instructional videos back in the early 1990s, it was a huge production – literally! Scripting, hiring and training talent, shooting and producing, and editing all were huge efforts – with the accompanying huge expenses. With today’s technology, it’s easy to shoot and edit your own instructional videos using your own people as “talent.” While the video examples need to accurately illustrate the models, they don’t have to be perfect since less-than-perfect illustrations invite discussion.

As a bonus, videos depicting your organization’s people in action add yet another level of relevance to the models, which tends to add credibility and applicability to the models and the program.


Portions of this content were taken from the white paper Leadership Training That Sticks – 23 Lessons Learned Over 23 Years by Terry Traut. Download your PDF copy here.

Author: STEP Consulting