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A Must Read: Training Industry Predictions for 2015

headerimage01Rarely do I print out a whitepaper or report; sure, there’s good stuff in most, but not hardcopy-worthy – not stuff that I want to reread, ponder, and digest. My exception this year is Predictions for 2015: Redesigning the Organization for a Rapidly Changing World, Josh Bersin’s annual look at where the training industry is headed. As always, it’s filled with useful information whether you’re a CLO, a training manager, or a training partner. And, as always, it’s a free download:

While there’s simply too much in this 55-page report for me to list all the highlights, I do want to cherry-pick a few:

Employees as Allies

In the opening remarks, Josh refers to employees as allies, joining “a company as athletes join a professional team – as long as both parties benefit from the relationship, it continues.” And when we leave, we really don’t leave; we stay in touch with our network and often return to the same company later when the time is again right.

I like that. We’ve always had that philosophy at Entelechy and I have two employees who left and returned. When it’s the right place, employees are more productive. Period.

Leadership Pipeline

According to Bersin, “83% of companies are seriously worried about their leadership pipeline and only 8% have strong programs to build leadership skills in their Millennial populations.” Leadership development remains the number one concern of CEOs worldwide.

I’m guessing that among the 17% of companies who AREN’T seriously worried about their leadership pipeline are Entelechy’s clients; from boomers to millennials, our Unleash Your Leadership Potential leadership/management development program fills that pipeline.

Employee Engagement

Bersin states that “low engagement today is a significant business risk” especially in this transparently social world. Uninspired workers tell others – often thousands of others through websites like Glassdoor – which makes it increasingly difficult for uninspiring companies to hire great talent. In fact, Bersin asserts, “engagement is all a company really has. If [employees] do not like their jobs and the mission of the organization, then they will not deliver with quality.”

Entelechy’s Unleash Your Leadership Potential leadership and management development program has at its core techniques for engaging employees and supporting their development and overall success.

Coaching is Key

“An influx of younger workers and tightened demand for skills have made it increasingly important to focus on coaching and development….” While this remark was made in the context of performance management, the point remains: coaching is critical to not only engage employees and develop talent, it is critical for improving performance. “Performance coaching and development are among the most important parts of the process, so companies should help managers to focus here first.”

Entelechy’s coaching model has been described as “elegant” by participants speaking to its simplicity and effectiveness.

These and other insights are available for free at: Thank you Mr. Bersin!

Note that Entelechy’s President, Terence Traut, will be speaking at the Training 2015 Conference on Feb 10 at 8:15 am on Coaching for Talent Development and Employee Engagement. Timely topic, wouldn’t you say?

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January 2015

Author: STEP Consulting